What I Stand For


EDUCATION - Investing in Our Students

As a parent of four children, Chad believes investing in our students is key to the success of our children. Even though Fairfax and Loudoun County have world-class education systems not all students receive the same investment from the community. Chad will fight to make sure all students are treated equal and teachers can afford to live in the communities they serve.

“I got into this race because I want to build a better community for my children. That begins with investing in our students, not just with dollars but with time from parents, teachers and others in the community. Elizabeth and I have spent the last twelve years focused on our children and the community that surrounds them. I want to take that same passion to Richmond to fight for students and teachers.”


TRANSPORTATION - Finding Traffic Solutions

With the extensions of the Silver Line, the 86th District will have two metro stops, Herndon Metro Park Ride and Innovation Metro Center. These improvements could mean much needed relief on our traffic congestion. However, we need to find solutions to help make it easier for people to get out of their cars and choose public transportation. Chad will go to Richmond to fight for our fair share of transportation funding and work to solve traffic problems not create them.

“Like many people in Northern Virginia, I struggle with the commute to DC and the massive delays that come along with it. This is top of mind to almost every voter, whether you commute into the city or from Sterling to Chantilly. I have tried using the Metro, but with limited cell service, I was not able to do my job while traveling into the city. I want to find traffic solutions that help people spend more time with their families and not more money on tolls.”


ENVIRONMENT - Building Virginia’s Renewable Energy Future

For the last decade, Chad has been advising renewable energy companies across the country on how best to engage the public to bring clean, renewable energy to their community. In 2016, he worked with Charlottesville-based Apex Clean Energy to permit the first wind farm in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Chad is committed to growing Virginia’s green energy economy and believes investment in renewable energy will help ensure not only a healthy environment for our children but a healthy economy for Virginians.

“Through my work in grassroots advocacy, I helped facilitate the permitting of the first ever commercial wind farm in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I went down to Botetourt County and spoke with members of their community face to face to hear their concerns with large scale wind turbines in their area. I hope to bring the same style of discussion with the people of the 86th district, and with your help, be able to start growing our renewable energy infrastructure and economy across the Commonwealth.”

equal (1).png

EQUALITY - Ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment

Virginia is poised to be the 38th and final state needed to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in the upcoming legislative session. Chad is proud to join in the effort that has been championed by Delegate Jennifer Carol Foy, the current Delegate of the 86th District Delegate Jennifer Boysko, and so many other Virginia Democrats for our state to become the 38th and final state needed to ratify the ERA. Chad stands with these strong women in leadership who are showing us just how important it is to ensure that these protections and rights remain constant for all Americans.

“The 86th District is one of the most diverse districts in the state of Virginia. As your delegate, I will fight for equality for all Virginians, no matter race, faith, gender, identity, orientation, or economic situation. By being the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, Virginia can set the stage for these protections to finally become the law of the land.”


FAIRNESS - Independent, Non-Partisan Redistricting

For the last two decades, the Republicans have controlled the House of Delegates and the redistricting process in Virginia. The result has been gerrymandered districts that do not provide the framework for a representative government. These districts are often drawn to dilute or divide communities for partisan political gain. In Virginia, we need a process to ensure an independent, non-partisan commission draws lines that are representative of all communities.   

“As Virginia prepares to redraw the legislative districts the process must be independent, non-partisan and transparent. We cannot continue to divide communities and must ensure Virginian’s redistricting process is about independence and fairness.”

HEALTHCARE - Ensuring a Healthy Virginia

Access to affordable, quality healthcare is a fundamental right for all Virginians. Too many people are faced with healthcare issues that can devastate their family and financial situation. Virginians should not have to make medical decisions based on whether they can afford to pay for the coverage that is needed or born with a pre-existing condition. Chad will go to Richmond to fight to ensure a healthy Virginia for all Virginians.

“As someone who was born with a pre-existing condition, I understand the struggle people undergo to provide health insurance for their families. As I talk with voters, I continue to hear need for access to affordable, quality healthcare as one of their top priorities. I will make fighting for a healthy Virginia a priority every day I am in Richmond.”